14th Annual CJBE Conference CALL FOR PAPERS

7th July, 2011 to 10th July, 2011
Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio

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Dear Friends in CJBE,
It was great to see those of you who attended the great 2010 meeting that  the Marquette University College of Business Administration hosted! In 2011, Xavier University in Cincinnati, Ohio, has the privilege of playing host for the CJBE Annual Conference from Thursday, July 7 -  Sunday, July 10, 2011.
Attached you will find the Call for Papers.  We also invite you to participate as reviewers, contributing ideas, or assisting in any other way you would like. If you wish to assist as a peer-reviewer of papers, please contact Dr. George F. Gordon: gordong@xavier.edu.
Registration material will soon be on the CJBE Website.   We hope that all of you are considering attending and presenting a paper, a panel, a workshop or something else.  The conference is designed to be interactive, so expect some lively discussion! Also, please encourage your colleagues to attend, especially new faculty who might be wondering how to put the “J” into our business classes,  and how they can participate, take ownership, learn more, or network with colleagues who care about what it means to be a business school in a Jesuit institution.
We “Muskies” at Xavier are looking forward to hosting many of you next summer here in Cincinnati!  If you have any questions, please call or send an e-mail to:
Tim Kloppenborg, CJBE President, kloppenborgt@xavier.edu, 513.745.4905
Ann Marie Tracey, Conference Chair, traceya@xavier.edu, 513.745.3129
Laura Frazier: Event coordinator, frazier@xavier.edu


Colleagues in Jesuit Business Education

14th Annual Participative Conference
“Understanding and Serving all of our Stakeholders”
July 7-10, 2011
Williams College of Business, Xavier University
Cincinnati, Ohio
Subtopic Possibilities:
·         Defining and understanding our stakeholders: Who are all of our student, faculty, staff, community, and other groups? How do we assess their needs and desires? How do we prioritize our efforts to serve them?
·         How do we better understand ourselves and each other: what assessments do we use, how are the results communicated, how do we better serve with this knowledge?
·         How do we use our understanding of Jesuit/Ignatian ideals and pedagogy to better understand and serve our various stakeholder groups?
·         How do we incorporate outside ideas and standards (such as UN Global Compact & Principles for Responsible Management Education, codes of conduct, or certifications) to better serve out stakeholders?
·         How do we engage our outside community in innovative ways to help educate our students and develop our faculty and staff?
·         What best practices can you share briefly as a way to stimulate discussion?
Track Possibilities:
·         Research - Theoretical, empirical, applied, interdisciplinary, and discovery contributions related to the CJBE mission and/or serving stakeholders,
·         Teaching - Contributions which address pedagogical issues facing Jesuit educators, research and experience concerning effective courses (and course segments) addressing the CJBE mission and/or serving stakeholders,
·         Institutional Development - Contributions related to helping Jesuit schools of business develop their visions, structures, processes, people, etc. to reflect Ignatian values and serving stakeholders.
Interactive Session Type Possibilities:
  • Participative Teaching Workshops
  • Short Paper Presentations with Provocative Questions
  • Executive in residence and/or other business stakeholder presentations/discussions
  • Best Practice Panels
Cross-disciplinary articles are encouraged and welcome.
If an author or co-authors are considering submitting an article to the Journal of Jesuit Business Education (JJBE), presenting it as a paper at the annual CJBE conference is the first step in a two-stage peer and editorially reviewed process. Authors would then request the JJBE to have articles then proceed through an editorial review selection process.
Other papers and proposals that generally fit the overall theme of understanding and serving our stakeholders are enthusiastically encouraged.
Important Dates
v March 31, 2011 – Short (500 words) proposals for papers or outlines for panels, workshops or alternative sessions are due. As this conference is intended to be interactive, proposals must also include 2-3 leading discussion questions.
All proposals are to be submitted electronically:
·         Via the paper submission link:  click here
·         As an e-mail attachment to: gordong@xavier.edu.
Additional contact information for Dr. George F. Gordon:
Williams College of Business
Smith Hall #244
Xavier University
3800 Victory Parkway ML 1216
Cincinnati, Ohio 45207
If your paper or proposal is accepted, further instructions will follow.
Other Information

Online Abstract Submission:
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