• 21st IAJBS / CJBE World Forum in Uruguay


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Mission & Goals


Our Mission is to enhance the distinctiveness of Jesuit schools of business and related programs through an ongoing exchange of ideas regarding curriculum, teaching, research, and service in the Ignatian, Catholic, and Humanistic traditions.

CJBE can follow this mission by working to achieve the following goals:

  • To identify and promote the unique aspects and characteristics of Jesuit business schools and related programs.
  • To develop business programs in the unique context of Ignatian traditions, spirituality, and Catholic social and intellectual thought.
  • To provide a forum for communication, cooperation, and exchange among colleagues of Jesuit business schools and related programs.
  • To provide a forum for business colleagues, particularly new business faculty, staff and administrators, to better understand Jesuit mission and values and to learn how to incorporate those values into their curricula, teaching, research, and service.
  • To hold an annual meeting of Jesuit business colleagues to encourage further work on incorporating Jesuit mission in ways that are intellectually and pedogogically sound.

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